Buy Now, Wear Now, Pay Later
What is Afterpay:
Afterpay makes things easier for the customer to "pay off" a purchase from our online store, by staggering your payments for a purchase across 4 fortnights. It is very similar to a Lay-By, but unlike layby, you get your items straight away like a regular purchase.
What you need:
All new customers using Afterpay are required to make their first payment at the time of purchase. Once you’ve completed paying off your first Afterpay order, you won’t be considered a new customer, making it even easier the next time around. All orders thereafter will incur the first payment 2 weeks after your purchase and your last payment deducted 8 weeks after purchase.
All you need is a valid Credit or Debit card, to be in Australia and over the age of 18.
How does Afterpay work?
* When you are at the checkout, select the Afterpay option.
* Afterpay will be able to approve you on the spot.
* You pay 4 equal installments every two weeks.
What if I don't make the re payments?
If you fail to make a payment at any time, you’ll be charged a $10 late payment fee by Afterpay with a further $7 late payment fee added seven days later if the payment is still unpaid. All the Afterpay terms and conditions are