We sat down with Erin & her mum Michele, to talk all things motherhood - how it has changed their lives, some motherly advice and how being a grandmother can feel like you have become a parent all over again.

Tell us about how your life changed after becoming a mother?

The moment i saw Elkie was surreal for me. I had never thought I was a maternal person but Elkie changed my life. I felt like I had been reborn again. My priorities changed big time. It becomes all about them. Suddenly I didn't want to work the long hours i was working and I just wanted to be with her. Its all about creating that balanced lifestyle for me now. Spending time with her is so precious.

How in the world.... do you juggle being a mother and running a business?

Oh Lordy! I don't know! I’m struggling but I guess I just take it one day at a time and I’ve learnt to lean on my staff a little more. I’m a control freak when it comes to work so It was hard letting go but I haven't had a choice. I love Erin Louise but Elkie is number 1.

What is the best part of motherhood for you?

Everyday watching her grow and develop her little personality. The smiles and the cuddles. Seeing her find me in a crowd and run to me, being her number 1. Having someone so innocent and small rely on you for every single thing is a beautiful feeling. She makes me so much better! What is your favourite memory so far with Elkie? There are so many. I couldn't choose one. Everyday something new happens that melts my heart.

What advice would you give to ready to be mum’s out there?

Just relax and be yourself, don't worry about what anyone else tells you. People love to give advice and love to tell you how to do things. Enjoy everyday with your children because they grow up so quickly. What did your mum teach you about being a mum yourself? I am so lucky (oh here come the tears) because my mum is such a beautiful person inside and out. She has taught me how much love she actually has for me. Sometimes I was frightened to tell her things because I was worried about her reaction but now knowing how I feel becoming a mother there is nothing in the world Elkie could do to lose my love. The amount of love you have for your child is endless.

Hi Erin’s mum Michele! Tell us what is the best part about being a mum?

Having three beautiful children that have grown up to become lovely young adults. All three have their own very successful businesses and I’m proud that they have chosen their own paths and love what they do. We are a close family and I see all three nearly everyday so Im blessed to have them around me 24/7. family is so important.

How has life changed since you have become a grandmother?

I am lucky enough to care for my grand daughter during the week and we have new experiences everyday. I spoil her rotten and she can have and do anything she wants. I love her little face to bits. becoming a grandparent is just like becoming a parent all over again.. is it possible to love her more than my own children? haha

After bringing up three children what advice would you give to all those new mum’s out there?

Just to love and take the time to experience every moment with your children because they grow so fast.

You rock Michele, Happy Mother’s Day!

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May 06, 2016 by Matt Simpson

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