Want to know how to make a flower crown?

So today i thought i would get creative and show you how to make a flower crown.

Now I'm no expert but i think i can do it well enough to save a $100+ at a florist!

So to begin you need a couple of things. Flowers of course, florist tape and wire. You can pick these up at your florist.

Next you need to take two pieces of wire and twist them together. Then wrap the florist tape around the ends so that it doesn't spike your head. Take the piece and wrap it around your head to measure how big you need it. Leave a couple of CM's space because once you start adding flowers the crown will shrink and you wont fit it on your head. Twist the two ends into place and wrap in the florist tape once again.

So now you should have a crown. I like greenery so i have started off using eucalyptus. I have wrapped the eucalyptus around the crown and fastened the ends with tape. I went all the way around so now i have a crown that looks like a halo covered in greenery.

Now comes the fun part.... Adding in flowers. I found it easy to make small posies in my hands and then i placed them where i wanted them. Hold it securely with one hand and with the other wrap the florist wire around the stems tightly. Keep going until complete.


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